Roof Types

  • Asphalt
  • Hot Mop
  • Mod Bit
  • EPDM Concrete
  • TPO (needs to be atleast 10 years old)



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Metal Roof Maintenance Guide

Style and strength: We all want it and we can all have it when it comes to our roofs. Metal roofs are the newest fad in roofing, in part due to their longevity and durability, but also because of the unique and stylish appearance that you can only get from the use of metal as a material for roofing. The striking appearance of metal roofs is probably the major reason why they are becoming so popular. With a choice of multiple different styles, textures and colors available, you’ll be able to enhance the style of your house and help make it withstand the elements better than ever. Metal roofs offer maximum resistance when it comes to withstanding ice storms, fires, hurricane winds and even earthquakes. read more...

Built Up & Tar Roof Maintenance Guide

Many contemporary houses these days like to showcase a low slope roof, and so it is becoming highly sought after. However, many traditional roof materials are not at all suitable for this kind of low slope, and so the use of tar and gravel materials is becoming a lot more common. Known in the trade as “Built up roofs” or simply “Tar & gravel roofs”, they consist of many layers of tar paper and asphalt that is fixed to the surface of the roof by using an application of molten asphalt. After being laid on the roof, these asphalt and tar layers will be laminated before being covered with gravel, known as ‘shingles’. The shingles act to hold down the layers and it also offers good protection against degradation and UV rays from the sun. A portion of this gravel will embed itself into the hot and sticky asphalt, while some of it will stay loose on the surface of the roof. Built up roofs have a life expectancy of anything between 10 and 20 years depending not only on the design and quality of workmanship, but also on how well maintained they are. read more...

RV Trailer and Mobile Home Roof Maintenance Guide

As with all normal roofs, RV trailer and mobile home roofs will from time to time need to be repaired and maintained. Your RV Trailer’s roof is just as vital as the roof on any regular brick and mortar house. The roof offers protection to you and your family home from the most destructive forces that the elements will throw at you. Therefore, whether you use your mobile home only occasionally, for outings and such, or if you are living in a trailer home full time, it is important that regular maintenance for your RV top is planned. Regular roof maintenance will guarantee the longest possible life for your mobile home, keeping it safe from the elements and forces of nature. read more...