Roof Types

  • Asphalt
  • Hot Mop
  • Mod Bit
  • EPDM Concrete
  • TPO (needs to be atleast 10 years old)



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When Looking for a sealant...Why is EPDM RV Roof-901/Rubber-902 Your Best Solution For Roof Repair?

First. No other product can match the durability of EPDM rubber. EPDM Roof and EPDM Rubber are true EPDM liquid rubber roof sealantRubbers, And are easily applied, have a slow cure time and are water resistant. Repairing roof leaks is now very easy, EPDM coatings provides a strong roof repair solution. Roof repair is something you will always have to deal with as a homeowner. Roof repair can include anything from fixing things like damaged shingles, holes Repair, roof leaks Repair or dent Repair. Liquid EPDM will enhance appearance and help retain value. Liquid Rubber is the ONLY liquid EPDM product on the market for roof leaks repair and roof coatings. EPDM Liquid Roof/EPDM Liquid Rubber is also one of the best waterproofing agents on the market today! excellent water, vapor and gas barrier; temperature tolerance from minus 60 degrees F to plus 300 degrees F. Ozone and UV stability; broad chemical resistance from strong bases to acids; high dielectric value; excellent corrosion protection on steel and aluminum; not affected by salts; resists cathodic disbondment; easily repairable. EPDM Rubber and Epdm Coatings are the best solutions for roof repair and roof leaks.

EPDM Rubber-902 General Preventative Maintenance For Roofs:

During new construction, Caulks and sealants are used to waterproof around flashing's, vents and other protrusions throughout your roof. EPDM Rubber acts as a shield to protect existing caulks and sealants and extend their life substantially. The useful life of metal roofs, whether galvanized steel, or aluminum can also be extended. EPDM Rubber Coatings is the best and also the most cost effective product for solving this problem, Liquid Roof does not chalk or shrink. Liquid Rubber's one-coat application saves you time and money sealing and protecting the roof while increasing its value! Easily applied over Metal, Rubber, Fiberglass, Concrete, Wood, Fabric and Foam. Best solution for Roof Leaks Repair.

EPDM Rubber over Sheet Rubber:

EPDM Roof is recommended for application over sheet rubber because it is the same chemistry and has identical flexibility, Leaks Repair Properties and weathering characteristics. The Leaks Repair Ability Of EPDM Coatings Is tested and Enhanced. We Offer a long lasting leaks Repair. EPDM Rubber Coatings does not chalk and can be used to eliminate the chalking of sheet rubber. When a solvent containing product like Liquid Rubber comes in contact with sheet rubber, the applicator should be prepared for a phenomenon which will make it appear as if something has gone radically wrong. Some of the solvent in Liquid Rubber will be absorbed by the sheet rubber and cause it to swell. If the sheet is not glued tightly to the plywood the swelling causes wrinkles or bubbles to form. Depending on the temperature, this condition will persist for days or sometimes weeks. However, as the Liquid Roof begins its cure process and solvent slowly evaporates, the sheet will shrink and return to its original shape. Do not apply Liquid Rubber Coatings in a heavy film as this will aggravate the swelling reaction in the sheet.

Recoating Rubber:

Since Liquid Rubber Coatings cures by chemical reaction, a single heavy application will be preferable to multiple thin coats. A second coat will bond to a previous film but that bond will not be as strong as the internal bond within each layer. If a second coat is applied before the first has thoroughly cured, some wrinkling may result as the first coat absorbs solvent and swells. This will, however, recover as the solvent evaporates. It is generally recommended that only a single coat be applied over non-porous surfaces, the thickness of which can be varied as desired. Thicker films will take longer to cure through.

For RV, Trailer, Mobile Home and Camper Owners Use EPDM Roof-901

Stop making the same roof repair every year using other products. Rv leaks and Rv roof leaks are fixed right the first time with EPDM Liquid Roof Coatings. Print RV applications instructions here.. Did you know the average RV has at least five penetrations through its roof-skylights, refrigerator vents, air conditioner and plumbing vent? Each of these has a flashing around it. The roof skin has three or four seams and must also be sealed around the entire perimeter. Most manufacturers will apply acrylic or butyl rubber caulk around the roof penetrations and seams to seal against the intrusion of water. Initially the caulks are flexible and adhere tightly to the surface; however, after five or six years of continuous exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun plus the ozone in our atmosphere, a gradual embrittlement and loss of adhesion occurs in these caulks. This process eventually leads to cracking and then to leaks. The application of EPDM Roof will greatly delay the onset of age-related problems with caulks. Trailers and RV', campers, house boats etc all have some portion of the roof which will pond water. For those of you living in the Gulf states you experience sudden afternoon showers. Those in the northern states experience rapid temperature drops late in the day during Spring and Fall. These kinds of situations might result in acrylic coating products being partially if not totally destroyed. Do not apply EPDM Roof over cream color ALPHA rubber. It is best to check with the manufacturer regarding your current roof system. Liquid Roof is the best and also the most cost effective product for solving this problem.

For Pond Owners Use EPDM Rubber-902:

EPDM Rubber Fix pond leaks. Waterproofing Fish Pond, Leaks Repair, pond liner, Fountains, & Reflecting Pools with EPDM Rubber Concrete which has not been modified with special additives must be protected by an impervious coatings when used for containing water. Unprotected concrete will absorb water which can then leach out soluble constituents and cause spalling when frozen. The combination of outdoor exposure plus water immersion creates a demanding environment for a coating. It must have high resistance to water penetration, be flexible enough to withstand extremes in temperature, and not be affected by ultra violet radiation from the sun. Liquid EPDM rubber coatings possess all this characteristics and are also non toxic to fish.

Preparation. Drain water and clean surface dirt while concrete is still wet. High pressure water spray and/or scouring surface with a wire brush may be necessary in fish ponds. If algae is present treat with an algaecide or 25% solution of bleach, let stand for one hour and rise well. Allow one week (rain free) for concrete to dry out.

If you are using this in Koi tanks in immersion conditions, make sure you have 2 coats of EPDM and that you have a full cure. To do so, let cure in air (without water) for about 1 week in 70 deg F or more ). Soak and rinse out the tank several times with water before making this ready for the Koi. The soaking and rinsing is to ensure you get out any residue solvents after the curing process. You will of course need to prepare the water for the Koy in whatever normal way you prepare Koi tanks/ponds.

Whether your pond is concrete, plastic or rubber lined. EPDM Rubber can fix your leaks troubles. Plastic pond liners have a tendency to crack or to tear. There are products such at tapes and caulks that will eventually wear. EPDM Rubber, on the will not. For concrete ponds the easiest solution for leaks are to cover them with a rubber liner but they are tricky to install. Liquid Rubber Coatings provides an easy one-time solution to your pond leak regardless of if they are made of rubber, concrete or plastic. And yes, it is safe for fish! Print Pond Instruction Sheet Here