Roof Types

  • Asphalt
  • Hot Mop
  • Mod Bit
  • EPDM Concrete
  • TPO (needs to be atleast 10 years old)



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Winter season leads to roof leaks and EPDM is a ultimate repair for it

After every winter season, all roofs needs inspection for leaks. Winter season always leads to roof leaks and the solution for it is to repair or replace roof. There are a number of factors that may lead to roof leaks so there is not a simple answer. One of the most common causes of leaking roofs in winter is clogged or improperly installed gutters. This will cause water to overflow over the back and leak along the inside walls and inside the home. In addition, flue pipes inside of a chimney may cause water to leak if they are not properly aligned. Improperly installed or defective siding and windows are among other common causes for roof leaks. When a roof leaks after heavy, wind-driven rain, it is usually caused by a problem with the windows or siding. During the winter, a roof leak along the inside walls or basement is most commonly caused by an ice dam. EPDM Coatings have Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber which are the most suitable products for stop the leaking roofs. Metal Roofing magazine has awarded EPDM, top 10 products of 2009. For further details and product information visit out site at www.epdmcoatings.com or call us at: 1-610-298-1989.

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